Check the Facts

Have you noticed more negative ads in your mailbox? Our opponents are spending thousands of dollars to smear Yoni with dishonest attacks as we get closer to Election Day. 


Check the facts, get the truth, and spread the word. Share this page or send it to your friends and neighbors who might have questions.

THE CLAIM: Yoni’s opponent, Margaret Croke, has attacked him, calling him a “luxury real estate developer.”

THE FACTS: This is a total mischaracterization of Yoni’s work as a real estate agent. Yoni works with his husband Brad Lippitz at the Brad Lippitz Group, a small team that represents home buyers and sellers. Occasionally, Yoni and Brad will also do a “flip” on a condo or house in need of repair.

THE CLAIM: Croke says Yoni “orchestrated a backroom deal” to get appointed to the State Representative seat vacated by now-Senator Sara Feigenholz. 

THE FACTS:  Yoni and Margaret Croke both applied for the appointment to the House seat, along with five other candidates. A majority of the democratically-elected Democratic Party committee people supported Yoni, making him the first openly gay State Representative to represent the 12th District. 


The committee members were legally required to fill the seat vacated by Sara Feigenholtz within 30 days. They facilitated an open and transparent process where the committee invited the public to meet and listen to why each applicant wanted to be appointed. You can read Margaret’s application by clicking here, and Yoni’s application here. You can read the other applications by clicking here


The committee ultimately recognized that Yoni was the best applicant and that he would ensure that the interests of the District’s constituents were well-represented in Springfield. This has proven true, as Yoni has introduced five bills in his first three weeks and co-sponsored more than 40 more, including the Clean Energy Jobs Act, as well as bills that would mandate family leave, impose legislative leadership term limits, enhance the powers of the legislative inspector general, overturn the parental notification law for abortion care, prevent Illinois from becoming a right-to-work state, and many others. As a member of the Appropriations-Public Safety Committee, he has already begun the process of analyzing the budget requests of state agencies, such as the Department of Corrections, the Prisoner Review Board and others.

THE CLAIM: Croke has accused Yoni of “[refusing] to recuse himself from property tax votes where he has personal financial income at stake as a luxury real estate developer.”

THE FACTS: Yoni is committed to following all of the Illinois General Assembly’s ethics rules regarding outside employment, as all legislators must do. Should any conflict of interest arise with respect to his small business, he will immediately recuse himself. Yoni’s work enables him to see first-hand the devastating effects of the property tax crisis, whether it’s young people facing skyrocketing rents, young couples trying to buy their first home, seniors unable to afford to stay in their long-time homes, or residents seeing their home values fall. Because of this experience, Yoni will be a strong advocate to control rising property taxes.

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