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Yoni believes quality, affordable healthcare should be a right, not a privilege.
As your State Representative, Yoni is:
  • Fight to expand coverage so all Illinoisans can see a doctor no matter their ability to pay.

  • Protect coverage for pre-existing conditions and women's health.

  • Stop pharmaceutical companies from gouging customers.

 Advancing LGBTQ+ Equality 
As a gay man, Yoni knows the challenges the LGBTQ+ community faces. He’s fought for the LGBTQ+ community for his entire life.
As your State Representative, Yoni is:
  • Fight for increased funding to expand HIV health care funding and work to improve access to PrEP.

  • Ensure the implementation of the recently passed inclusive curriculum bill so young people understand the contributions of the LGBTQ+ community. 

  • Reform laws criminalizing the transmission of HIV.

  • Enhance support of and protections for the Trans community, especially Trans women of color. 

  • Ensure LGBTQ+ seniors are receiving appropriate support from culturally sensitive and competent caretakers and institutions. 

  • Increase support for institutions addressing LGBTQ+ homelessness, where LGBTQ+ young adults are more likely to experience homelessness than their non-LGBTQ+ peers. 

 Restoring Public Trust 

People have lost faith and trust in their government. We need to fix this. Yoni knows that we need to change the culture in Springfield so we can finally trust our government.
As your State Representative, Yoni is: 
  • Support term limits for legislative leadership positions to ensure that representatives cannot stay in power forever. 
  • Empower the Legislative Inspector General to have more independence from the general assembly, when investigating cases of corruption or complaints in the legislature and be able to publicly release findings without their approval. Currently, the IG needs to have their reports approved by the General Assembly before it gets released. 

  • Reform state lobbying rules to prevent lawmakers from lobbying other local governments. State legislators should not be moonlighting as lobbyists for others for special interests. Lawmakers should be impartial when acting as representatives for the districts they serve.  

  • Stop the revolving door policies that allow lawmakers leaving office to immediately become lobbyists. Yoni supports a two-year cooling-off period before lawmakers can become lobbyists. 

 Protecting Reproductive Health Care 

The Trump administration has made it clear that protecting a woman’s right to choose is not a priority.  Illinois must continue to set the example on reproductive healthcare.
As your State Representative, Yoni is:
  • Support legislation that continues to protect access to safe and legal abortion, birth control, and reproductive health care.

  • Vote for the repeal of the parental notification act. 

  • Oppose any legislation that criminalizes abortion and will oppose any efforts to impose burdensome restrictions on safe reproductive health care.

 Preventing Gun Violence 


Illinois has sensible gun laws in place to protect its citizens, but we still have more work to do.


As your State Representative, Yoni is:

  • Support a ban on assault weapons, large-capacity magazines, and accessories that enable standard weapons to be used as assault weapons. 

  • Supporting efforts to strengthen the FOID, including provisions to require applicants to undergo a fingerprint-based background check for applicants.

  • Ensure that all private gun sales require a background check.

 Fighting for Public Education 


Yoni is a product of public education and he understands the importance of making proper investments in our educational system.


As your State Representative, Yoni is:

  • Support the passage of the Fair Tax amendment which will allow the state to contribute more to local school districts and allow residents to get much-needed property tax relief. 

  • Fight for increased funding to MAP grants will allow all students to have a chance to attend college. 

  • Work to reverse the trend of Illinois’ students leaving the state for college by supporting the expansion of AIM High grants which incentive Illinois students to attend public universities.   

  • Supports an elected school board for the City of Chicago because residents here deserve to have a say in how our tax dollars are being spent. 

 Combating Climate Change 


As a father of two children, Yoni knows that it’s our responsibility to leave a planet that is sustainable for future generations. With the federal government failing to address the threat of climate change, it is vital that Illinois lead the nation in developing a 21st-century clean economy. In his role as Congressman Mike Quigley’s public liaison, Yoni has worked with the Congressman to highlight and find solutions to tackle the threat of Climate Change in our community.


As your State Representative, Yoni is: 

  • Support Illinois' goal of running on 100% clean energy by 2050 by supporting the Clean Energy Jobs Act, which will help reduce illinois’s reliance on fossil fuels and train workers in the clean energy jobs of tomorrow. 

  • Push to ban fracking on public lands and work to invest in more renewable energy sources. 

  • Fight for continued funding for increased Amtrak service and expansion of high-speed rail in Illinois.

 Drawing Fair District Maps 


Yoni knows that voters should be picking their representatives, not the other way around.


As your State Representative, Yoni is: 

  • Support an independent, transparent redistricting process that ensures communities are fully and fairly represented in the legislature.

  • Ensure that this process has community input and that minority voters are not disenfranchised.

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