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Pizer Announces for 12th District Seat with Support from State Rep. Kelly Cassidy

Turn-out in the heavily LGBTQ district expected to be high on account of enthusiasm for the 2020 Presidential Primary


11/21/2019 08:00 AM EST

"On another front, state Rep. Sara Feigenholtz is expected to move in to Cullerton’s Senate seat given she’s the candidate supported by the Democratic committee members who make the appointment.

Problem is, it’s not yet clear when in January Cullerton will step down. That means, Feigenholtz is full-steam-ahead campaigning for re-election for her House seat until she knows otherwise.

Both the Senate and House seats will be filled by the Democratic Committee headed by Tom Tunney, the 44th Ward Chicago alderman who holds the largest weighted vote. “We could be pulling double-duty,” he said of the appointment process for the Senate and House seats.

Candidates now are lining up to run for Feigenholtz's 12th District House seat. It’s a mad dash to get petitions signed and turned in by the Dec. 2 deadline.


Jonathan “Yoni” Pizer, who with his real-estate broker husband is a prolific political donor and fundraiser for Illinois Democrats, joined the race Wednesday. He’s got the support of state Rep. Kelly Cassidy, whose sharp elbows may help get him through the primary."

“It’s a politically engaged and heavily gay district,” Tunney told Playbook, adding he expects turnout — “which is always good” — to be even better in the 2020 primary."
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